Platform and Step Lifts

Platform Lifts and vertical Step Lifts are designed to give wheelchair access in both public and private settings. Platform lifts are design to traverse a flight(s) of stairs and vertical Step Lifts travel vertically from one level to the other.

Vimec Platform Lifts

Vimec Platform Lifts - V64 and V65

The Vimec V64 and V65 Platform Lifts are our most popular platform lift products. The V64 is designed for straight staircases, whereas the V65 is designed for staircases with bends. Both models come in three platform sizes - standard, large and extra large. This should provide a solution for all wheelchair users. With an attractive design, these lifts can fit into any interior without cussing interference. Lastly, the superior and reliable technology used to build these lifts ensure that the users can have a sense of safety when using them.

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Vimec Steppy

Vimec Vertical Step Lifts - Steppy and Silver

These two vertical Step Lift models from Vimec certainly don't lack the appearance required to make a person say wow. The Steppy in paticular is a favourite in Italy with it's attractive black finish and glass enclosure. Like the platform lifts before, these products are designed to give wheelchair users access to a higher level that would normally only be possible via the stairs. Steppy has an unbelievable 22 different platform configurations too, so all wheelchair users will get exactly what they need.

Steppy has travel of up to 2m, and Silver reaches 1m, so your choice will depend a lot on travel distance.

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