BHM Hoist Range

We offer Lifting Hoists from BHM Medical, here in Scotland. These products are fantastic and will effortlessly transport the user from A to B in the most comfortable way possible. Here we feature both a fix and portable solution. You won't find a better product if you are looking for a hoist, so contact us now to enquire!


BHM V4 Fixed Ceiling Hoist with KWIKTrack

The V4 is a fixed ceiling lift designed to assist in lifing and transferring of users with mobility problems. The advanced technology in this product means you can transfer the user safely and easily. It is powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery pack and has an optional return to charge feature that ensures the V4 is ready for the next transfer when required. This lift is available with two weight capacities too, so you really have no reason to think twice. The standard V4 carries up to 200kg and the V4i carries up to 272kg. Both also have a choice of sling types and positions.

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BHM V3 Portable Hoist with Easytrack

The V3 is a portable track lift that combines a solidly engineered design with features you would never expect to find in a portable. The V3 is compact and features a folding spreader bar. Also including a integrated carry handle, the V3 is easy to move from room to room. On top of all this, is can carry up to 200kg!

The V3 has a choice of sling types and possible support positions, just like the fixed V4, and to charge the device, you simply plug it into the nearest power outlet.

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